Monday, October 24, 2011

PS3 games: Tom Clancy - end war

Made by Ubisoft, one of the main features of the game is to control the voice which will be essential for the game. Psychologically, the game is also fed by the Act of selecting results and determine the decisions that will affect the rest of the game, as well. The entire game takes place in 2016, when the most unimaginable and scary thing: nuclear war. Disputes on the soil of the Middle East are a head and result in devastating final results, as the nuclear exchange lasted five hours and managed to destroy the world, but also launch a joint missile defense system to protect the peaceuntil well understood, the introduction of the establishment within this game.

In the game, there was friction between the United States, the Russia and the European Federation, and a war focuses on the horizon as an inevitable end. The increasing tension as well as the new command technology promises a battle of extraordinarily futuristic type the most in the horizon of the game, where wars will be place rooms of war or by the command of the votes. If you really want to make the experience of the third world war as imagined by game manufacturers, it is the perfect match for you.

The basis of the game surrounds the tension between the Russia, we and the European Federation. As soar of oil oil prices is not available because it was once, and that the United States is working on a new formidable weapon, they threaten to shake up the balance of power in their favour, thus upsetting the other Governments. Thus, European nations combine to create the European Federation in response to all the growing conflicts happening outside their control and their withdrawal from NATO, too, all these factors that the war is very close to the horizon.

One of the aspects of the game is for you to choose which side you play on. You can take the history and tensions into account, and then decide if you want to be on the European Enforcer Corp, a group which in electronic warfare and energy as well as weapons control vehicles battlefield sleekest and fastest. This group is composed mainly of terrorist forces counter and forces to maintain peace in Europe. The United States Joint Strike Force is a group that specializes in the heat of battle but also wonderful land and air and the capability to deploy immediately anywhere, anytime. With the best weapons, this group is a formidable to join or combat.

And finally, you can be part of the Russian Spetsnaz guard Brigades, one of the most deadly groups that use armour and heavy equipment and are able to change weapons based on their specific needs, for the moment. Therefore, with this group you will get the experience of the weapons that have been modified in an amazing manner may stretch some of the boundaries of reality.

With this game, you have the war without the use of controls and simply by using your voice command. With this futuristic style, you will be certain to have an amazing experience that takes the reality and imagine it with a whole new spin.

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