Monday, October 24, 2011

Review of Rio angry birds

The birds are back! After the original and the seasons, developer Rovio today released the suite called Rio. It is now available in the app store, and I checked.

What's new?

At the start, it becomes clear that there is a whole new game in the series. The core mechanic is the same, but everything has changed. Including new menus, levels and opponents, among other things. Angry birds now also has a history, but (fortunately!) it does not go very deep. Essentially, the birds were alive and happy life when one day, they are captured and transported to Rio to the Brazil. You must help escape them by completing the challenges of Rideau. The first levels are all to help his colleagues bird escape by their cages. Once completed (30 levels) the game tells you that you managed to escaped and now fly in the forest of Brazil, where you'll stumble on monkeys evil (yay!).


As I said, the basic gameplay mechanic remains unchanged. Largely the same birds are at your disposal and are introduced to the player once more. I like to give them nicknames, such as red this call "Mr. average" because they cannot do much. And I think that yellow birds are Italian because they are fast and passionate. In any event the new levels are fun but also rather easy. I am a player of birds in anger addict and blown through levels over 2 hours.

In anger, that birds Rio currently offers 60 levels in more than 2 "scenes", with 4 scenes more promised in the year. They are currently not available, which annoys me a lot. Essentially, the developers said: Yes, we aren't done yet but you can buy it now and upgrade later. I hope that this beta test attitude does not become the trend in the mobile game. Buyers have now wait until May to the 3rd world, this is two months from now! And the final level really will be open until November.


The new storyboard style is fun and adds some depth to the game. Now, it is indeed logical to be in a forest and hit random monkeys. (Yeah...)

Also improved are the visuals. Origins appear to be more dynamic and more net research. Combined with the fantastic news, angry birds animations Rio is a real looker in mobile gaming.


Angry, that birds Rio is a great game. This is not a major overhaul but it did not need to be. Rovio has delivered exactly what Bird players angry looking: more content. It's just a shame they offers you 1/3 of the game now and the rest over a period of 8 months (!), it is recommended for some patience. Still strongly recommended.

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