Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dead Space 2 Review - strategic dismemberment returns!

First of all, we must recognize at the outset this analysis that we are huge fans of the original Dead Space game. The first game was so intense; I was concerned that subsequently could not be as good as the original Dead Space. On the reverse, if Dead Space 2 was as good as the first game, or * gasp * better, I shall limit my playtime in the day with all the lights on in the House... Not to mention for having need for a supplementary life breathing the body in the room with me...

We also want you to be aware that this review may be somewhat brief... We believe not in spoilers for those who have not played a match yet, and Dead Space 2 is difficult to discuss without destroying the spoilers... Rest assured, your MOM is like Dead Space 2!

Dead Space 2 sees the return of Isaac Clarke after barely surviving his last meeting with the Necromorphs on the USG Ishamura planetracker. The game actually ended with a twist bit nice, Isaac Clarke using an escape pod to get clear of the Ishamura only to have a incorrect Nicole (her friend, who had committed suicide to avoid becoming a Necromorph) emerge from the shadows screaming in the face. Not only the end ended the game with a "Holy crap" moment, but leads to the suite.

Dead Space 2, Isaac found himself being with dementia, traumatic stress, amnesia and confined to an asylum on Titan Station, also known as "sprawl". Given the current state of his psyche, he is unable to remember the previous three years, or even how it ended on urban sprawl. It follows an another Necromorph infestation, and Isaac found once more in the middle of all this. Tons of action, plot twists and strategic dismemberment ensues.

Graphics and sound is top notch, and team at visceral games made some improvements that have been very welcome. Among these improvements was an update Locator allows you not only get directions for your next objective, but also in the store, Bank and save the destination. Movement of Zero-G has been improved, allowing more freedom of movement than the first game.

The key to take some Necromorphs is "strategic dismemberment". Take off their members to slow down and eventually kill them and save a ton of ammunition in the process. Weapons of the first Dead Space return to the suite, including plasma cutter, the guns of the line, the ripper rifle and plasma. There are a few new weapons in Dead Space 2 which offers new ways of blasting with Necromorphs, including detonator allows you to place trip mines triggered the laser and the canon of throwing the Javelin that triggers the large spikes and impales Necromorphs walls (or other surfaces).

Urban sprawl is a much larger that the Ishamura has, but there are still trees and claustrophobic corridors that you use to get through the game. Urban sprawl includes hospitals, shops, residential areas, and even a school areas. Each region includes a plethora of detail, including such things as the clocks on the bedside table that will sometimes off! Although environments vary, some more disturbing than others, the only thing they have in common is that you are never safe. As soon as you start to feel comfortable, in a region, a Necromorph come to ruin your trip.

There are several new breeds of Necromorphs wary of as well. The "Pack", which are twisted versions of human toddlers, and they like to run with you in groups. The "stalker", Necromorphs much more intelligent who travel in packs, uses cover and attempt to stay hidden before attacking at high speed. You must also keep your eyes for the "Puker" which, as their name indicates, likes to puke on you mid range.

Essentially, the game is absolutely perfect, but there are a few in the medium that gets a little redundant. Is Isaac Clarke really that unlucky of a guy that each plan to escape requires it to fix something? It makes one wonder where all the other engineers have been for the past three years because they were not obviously keep urban sprawl to the code...

The game includes 15 chapters and approximately 10 to 12 hour clocks. We took a little longer, but we're sluts for save games... Save every time without a registration station (literally).

Make sure you and remain on-site after the credits. There are some interesting dialogue that you won't want to Miss!

There is plenty of replayability as completing the game unlocks new clothes and new game modes. You can even start a new game using the equipment that you had when you completed the game, which is a very nice touch.

Dead Space 2 also includes a multiplayer mode. You are divided into two, four-man teams, one for the human/spreading security and the other for Necromorphs. The human team tries to complete the various missions and objectives within a deadline. The Necromorphs is to stop the security team. Parts of force security Sprawl exactly as Isaac Clarke, while the opposing team has four different Necromorphs at their disposal: the pack, the lurker, the puker and the spits. Experience points are earned by the online game and allowing you to unlock new weapons, of the power of stasis for humans and stronger attacks for Necromorphs. It is definitely an unbridled struggle for survival encourages teamwork.

If you are a fan of the first part, or the horror of survival in General (Resident Evil, etc.), you'll LOVE Dead Space 2. Be warned, it is not for the faint of heart... One of our editors obtained their hands on the game before I did it and they had to stop after the first ten minutes, because it was that intense (literally had to return the controller to someone else to continue to play). It has rated "Mature" by the ESRB for good reason. There is not much profanity in it, but there are some downright intense and brutal game pieces.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kinect coming April 2011 games

There are two sets of Kinect coming in April 2011, perhaps, of interest to you. There is the highly anticipated Michael Jackson - experience and other fun Kinect game for the whole family is Carnival Games - monkey see Monkey Do. The two games is due for release on April 12, 2011; I an overview below these two games.

michael Jackson - the experience is a complete set of performance, you can sing and dance like Michael Jackson. Ubisoft has worked in close collaboration with the estate of Michael Jackson to ensure that this game is authentic music of Michael Jackson and moves. This will be a mixture of live performance videos and Michael. With version Xbox 360 Kinect Ubisoft have introduced a player projection technology, then you are actually within the scene and trigger you blows, fire and power everything. It is a dance game advanced; It is manufactured by the same company introduced dance Central is the number one Kinect game on the market at the present time.

If you're a new fan or a former fan, an experienced or novice dancer there is something in this game, that you will enjoy. You can play individually or with your friends. These are some of the songs of Michael Jackson included in The Experience: Bad, Beat it, Billie Jean, black or white, Dirty Diana, Earth Song, Ghost, Rock with you, Smooth Criminal, Speed Demon, The Girl Is Mine, They Don't Care About UsThriller, which it is Workin ' day and night.

Carnival Games - monkey see Monkey Do is another happy to play for everyone enjoy. It is only a game Xbox 360 Kinect; You can now become an expert to play these Games Carnival, like the ball Alley, throwing bottle of milk, shark tank, resistance testing, frappeurs Cages and wheel of Chance, dodging tornadoes in hot air balloons and taking a rocket ride to mars. In addition, rocket Ring Fling, funnel cake Falls, tank shark March, dummy Crash-Test, Pop darts, Ring Fling, so you can see it is a variety of games for all age groups to play.

You create your own personal avatar, and you have more than 40 costumes, pets and drawings to the choice, you may be a dragon, ninja, cowboy or a bear.

These are the two most recent games of Kinect which will be published in April 2011, therefore if you want to see Michael Jackson - experience or videos of Carnival Games trailers or complete list of features, please see the next games Kinect and make sure that you get my monthly newsletter and I will keep you updated will be later in new games Kinect and promotions.

Review of Rio angry birds

The birds are back! After the original and the seasons, developer Rovio today released the suite called Rio. It is now available in the app store, and I checked.

What's new?

At the start, it becomes clear that there is a whole new game in the series. The core mechanic is the same, but everything has changed. Including new menus, levels and opponents, among other things. Angry birds now also has a history, but (fortunately!) it does not go very deep. Essentially, the birds were alive and happy life when one day, they are captured and transported to Rio to the Brazil. You must help escape them by completing the challenges of Rideau. The first levels are all to help his colleagues bird escape by their cages. Once completed (30 levels) the game tells you that you managed to escaped and now fly in the forest of Brazil, where you'll stumble on monkeys evil (yay!).


As I said, the basic gameplay mechanic remains unchanged. Largely the same birds are at your disposal and are introduced to the player once more. I like to give them nicknames, such as red this call "Mr. average" because they cannot do much. And I think that yellow birds are Italian because they are fast and passionate. In any event the new levels are fun but also rather easy. I am a player of birds in anger addict and blown through levels over 2 hours.

In anger, that birds Rio currently offers 60 levels in more than 2 "scenes", with 4 scenes more promised in the year. They are currently not available, which annoys me a lot. Essentially, the developers said: Yes, we aren't done yet but you can buy it now and upgrade later. I hope that this beta test attitude does not become the trend in the mobile game. Buyers have now wait until May to the 3rd world, this is two months from now! And the final level really will be open until November.


The new storyboard style is fun and adds some depth to the game. Now, it is indeed logical to be in a forest and hit random monkeys. (Yeah...)

Also improved are the visuals. Origins appear to be more dynamic and more net research. Combined with the fantastic news, angry birds animations Rio is a real looker in mobile gaming.


Angry, that birds Rio is a great game. This is not a major overhaul but it did not need to be. Rovio has delivered exactly what Bird players angry looking: more content. It's just a shame they offers you 1/3 of the game now and the rest over a period of 8 months (!), it is recommended for some patience. Still strongly recommended.

With all new be a Pro NHL 11 climbs again peaks

Ice hockey has always been a popular game, and EA games in the NHL series have always shown the way. But they pushed now still more before their competition and with a mode as being a Pro 11 NHL is close to being the perfect hockey video game.

Now part of almost all EA sports titles, be a Pro mode is where you take control of a single player, in what position you like and take them through their career step by step. It is now a preferred in a number of popular games, including the soccer game FIFA Football games series American Madden and good hearing in the basketball game NBA Live.

It is almost like a role-playing-game sports title within, as you slowly but surely develop all skills of your reader and you go through various stages of their careers. Obviously with every title they vary slightly depending on the sport and that is no different with either a Pro NHL 11 style.

If you have a played a previous version of the NHL series, there were a host of improvements for the game, including what they call a physics engine in real time, providing a completely new and realistic dimension to the game. There were as quick dekes changes of a system, a new Hit stick, news of the confrontation, audits of the hips and much more, including your potentially hockey stick break.

Perhaps while the new most important element to be a Pro mode is that you can now start your career by playing junior league in the Canadian League of Hockey Memorial Cup. From there you can be identified by NHL teams, before entering the NHL draft. And of course once you get included in the project, you're on the road to become the next Wayne Gretzky.

Of course, the idea is to gain experience as much as possible and perform well, it's that you will slowly improve your drive and improve its chances of going all the way. However a list of NHL is no walk in the Park and may you find your player having an interesting to achieve road.

After veteran in the all-new Memorial Cup, your reader is going to get drafted, and how you did decide where you are in the project. If you do extremely well you may be a first round of draft, and after a few games of pre-season, if all goes according to plans, you may just be starting for the side in the line-up NHL that you written.

However a lower draft can walk not only on this list, and it may be that you had to go for a little to get your shot at the Court of the great. A passage in the American Hockey League may be the answer. Each pro you play with might have a different adventure and it is part of the fun of being a Pro mode.

Course NHL 11 offers be much more than a Pro, including the pleasure ultimate team mode. There are thousands of players playing the game every day, and you can even take your reader created online to get more experience. But all modes are great fun, and you can see why this game won so much.

Top selling Wii games

One of the games the hottest season is Just Dance 2, made by UBI Soft. This game is much improved when it comes to the use of the Wii remote, as it has more accurate and the recognition of the distance and the sensor to have more fun and more specific movements. If your every detailed action will be captured the sensor, allowing everyone to your special skills to be rewarded by points when you make amazing moves on your private dance floor.

Also, this game as 44 new songs to dance, such as classical melodies that everyone loves and knows the songs that have become legends, and of course, today s hottest tunes by now runs the rankings in mind. You can learn dance movements which have been designed by professional dancers, who specialize in rock, pop, hip hop and R & B, and world beat, for any preferences, there is a style of dance for you. In addition, with the mode of 8 players, you'll get fun and also work and stay in shape in the more fun way possible.

Another popular game is Michael Jackson: The Experience. This game, also made by UBI Soft to dance to all of the music of Michael Jackson, so that you can show your skills of dance for his classic songs. Four of you and your friends can enter the multiplayer modes and dance extraordinary songs that have become a part of the culture and history, or you can do on a challenges, so, with crews of dance that form you. You can also sing along with songs, so that words can appear on the screen, and you can do it all in memory of one of the greatest interpreters of our days.

Super Mario All-Stars for Wii is a reprint of popular collectible game released in the beginning of the 1990s, including Super Mario Bros, lost, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Super Mario Bros. levels. 3. You will get to discover the style of the old school of video games, with classical music, sound effects and graphics that will help you time travel back to a day when video games were news and happening and you'll have to do with the new technology of the Wii, or even the classic controller or GameCube Controller, as well.

Stay fit has never been easier with Wii Fit, made by Nintendo, which includes a balance Board. You can do such things as the yoga training routines, and have your weight and measured and monitored details you can burn calories and stay in shape, which is ideal for your age and weight, and sex. At a great time mixing and corresponding to different regimens really get the best out of the system.

Finally, Zumba Fitness is an another best selling games, allowing to work a variety of dance styles such as Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, hip hop, Mambo and the Calypso, so you can get the most diverse and the most fun-filled non-dance imaginable exotic music and amazing styles that you can work same transfer out on the actual dance floors.